Logo: Diplomat


Modern design and simple shape gives excel mastery and cleanness of glass. The set makes beverage set which satisfy even very sophisticated customer. ... Detail
Logo: Lady


Elegant, hand cut decoration to nevele. It represents of pure line of the shape a decoration. Association of beauty and luxury. Detail
Logo: Stratos


Motif of transparent stratosphere. Perfect vertical polished and horizontal deep cuts with simple and modern feeling. Excellent illustration of the ... Detail
Logo: Lewis


Modern concept of the deep polished cut with soft matt cut. Detail
Logo: Vera


The name Vera (Faith, Fay) is the nice woman name here supported with fine and tender cutting. Detail
Logo: Galaxy


The belt of cut stars is giving a nice feeling of all galaxy perspective. Hand cut stars on brilliant glass makes magic connection. Detail
Logo: Frankfurt


The typical Bohemian rich cut makes wide glass collection for all sort of use (bowl, vase, nástolece, menáž.soupravy, butter dish, beverage glass ... Detail
Logo: 500PK


Traditional and very luxurious decor is typical for our production and is very popular in te midst of all sphere of our costumers. Detail
Logo: Sunshine


This collection documents high level of traditional products czech lead crystal, craftsmanship, creative ability and deep relationship to the ... Detail