Business Conditions and Return Policy

General Business Conditions and Sales Return Policy

These General Business Conditions (in further text only as GBC) apply for purchases from the internet shop operated by the company RÜCKL CRYSTAL a.s (in further text only as „Seller“). GBC regulate relations between customer and seller in the area of sales of glass and other related products.

The customer, by submitting the order, confirms that he/she is familiar with these business conditions, including the Sales Return Policy, and confirms that he/she agrees with them. The customer is sufficiently made aware of these business conditions before submitting the order and has the opportunity to familiarize himself/herself with them.

I. Basic Provisions


The seller is RÜCKL CRYSTAL a.s., Lánská 141, Nižbor 267 05, IČ: 04504798, DIČ: CZ04504798, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, file number B, insert the 21041st.


When conducting mutual business, the customer only submits to the Seller contact information necessary for uninterrupted order processing, and in some cases other information that the customer requires to be listed in the purchase documentation.

Legal relations between the Seller and customer that are not expressly stated in this GBC are governed by the relevant legal provisions of the Czech Republic.

II. Order Processing

1. Registration

Before submitting an order, the customer has the opportunity to register. This registration will save time when submitting future orders, as personal data will be filled in automatically.  It is also possible to order merchandise without registration.

2. Acceptance and Processing of the Order

After submitting the order, an instant email will be sent to the customer confirming the acceptance of the order. Moser cannot guarantee the immediate stock availability of the ordered items. The registered customers can follow the status of the order at , after login. In the event of any discrepancies in the order, please contact us at e-mail address or telephone number +420 311 696 211 as soon as possible.


3. Order Cancellation by Customer

In accordance with valid legal provisions of the Czech Republic, the customer is entitled to withdraw from any business contract within 14 days from the acceptance of merchandise, if the contract was concluded via instruments of electronic communication.

The customer is obliged to return the complete merchandise, with all documentation, undamaged, clean, and in the state and value in which it was delivered, to the address RÜCKL CRYSTAL a.s., Lánská 141, Nižbor 267 05, CZECH REPUBLIC. In the event that the merchandise is returned incomplete or damaged, the Seller can lower the sum of the purchase price to be returned to the customer by the relevant amount (in accordance with the valid legal provisions of the Czech Republic). The operator of the e-shop has the right to refuse shipments of returned merchandise that were sent as cash on delivery. We recommend insuring the shipping of returned merchandise. The money for the returned merchandise will be credited to the customer within 30 days from the effective date of cancellation of the contract by customer, via bank transfer or other agreed method, all according to mutual agreement between the customer and Seller.

The customer is entitled to receive back only an amount paid earlier, however, reduced by all costs incured to the seller in connection with the transport of goods to the customer's adddress and back. In case the customer has paid for the goods by a credit card, then the above returned amount will further be reduced by fees connected with the credit card payment transaction.

The customer acknowledges that in the event that the merchandise comes with free gifts, the gift contract is concluded under the condition that, if the customer cancels the merchandise contract according to valid legal provisions of the Czech Republic, the customer is obliged to return the provided gifts together with returned merchandise.

4. Order Cancellation by e-shop Operator

The operator of the e-shop is entitled to cancel the order before the moment of shipping of the order due to the unavailability of merchandise or significant change in its price. In this case, the Seller is obliged to contact the customer and agree upon further steps to resolve this issue.

III. Price of Merchandise

Listed prices include VAT. Customer receives merchandise for the price that was valid at the time of ordering. When ordering special order items, please contact the e-shop attendant at telephone number +420 353 416 242 or e-mail address: We will inform you about the price and availability of merchandise and about further steps in order processing.

IV. Shipping and Payment Conditions

Ordered merchandise will be shipped to the customer’s address using a selected shipping company. In the event that the merchandise is available in stock, the Seller is obliged to ship it or hand it over to the shipping company within 6 work days from the date of order acceptance. On rare occasions, it is possible that we will not be able to ship certain merchandise within the above stated period. In this case, we will contact the customer with the nearest possible shipping date.

Note: VAT will be included in all orders shipped within the European Union. Outside the European Union the seller refunds VAT and customer is responsible for all duties, sales taxes and any other local charges.

1. Delivery Methods

Merchandise is delivered via the method selected by the customer on the internet order form. Delivery methods include:

  • personal pick up in Moser shops in the Czech Republic*
  • delivery by Česká pošta (Czech Postal Service)

If the order amount exceeds 5 000,- Kč (Czech crowns) shipping within the Czech Republic is free of charge.

* Customer can pick up the merchandise in the shop selected when ordering merchandise. Merchandise can be picked up only after receiving an e-mail from us that confirms the delivery of the merchandise to the selected shop.

2. Payment Options

Before submitting the order, please select one of the following payment methods:

  • payment upfront (payment via bank transfer to the account of the e-shop operator, transaction reference number is the order number listed in the confirmation e-mail, together with other data required for the bank transfer)
  • payment using VISA, MasterCard or Maestro credit card (we use the latest and most secure application 3D-Secure, the data from the credit card is submitted directly to the bank, not to the e-shop operator)
  • cash on delivery (cash payment upon the acceptance of merchandise from the shipping company – only in the Czech Republic)
  • cash payment or credit card payment when picking up in person in Moser shops in the Czech Republic

V. Warranty Conditions

Warranty conditions concerning the merchandise are based on the Sales Return Policy of the Seller and on valid legal provisions of the Czech Republic. Proof of purchase (invoice) serves as the warranty document.

VI. Merchandise Packaging

Crystal products of the Moser glassworks are regularly packaged in packages containing 1, 2 or 6 pieces of product.

VII. Handmade Products

Due to the handmade nature of the production process, slight variations in dimensions, color, or thickness of glass can occur.

VIII. Safety and Protection of Information

Seller declares that all personal information is confidential, will be used only for the purpose of fulfilling the contract with the customer, and will not be otherwise published or provided to a third party, with the exception of cases related to distribution of or payment for ordered merchandise. Personal information provided by customers to Seller for the purpose of order fulfillment are gathered, processed, and stored in accordance with valid legal provisions of the Czech Republic, primarily in accordance with the Code of Protection of Personal Data in its valid version. The customer grants the Seller consent to gather and process personal data for the purposes of fulfilling a concluded purchase contract, until the customer‘s disagreement with data processing is expressed in written form. The customer is entitled to access his/her own personal data and is entitled to corrections of this data, including other legal rights to this data.

IX. Final Provisions

These General Business Conditions are effective as of January 1st, 2011.


We offer the same conditions for sales returns in the internet shop of MOSER, a.s. as the conditions that are valid in any traditional Moser shop in the Czech Republic. Sales returns will be handled in accordance with the Sales Return Policy of the Seller and in accordance with the valid legal provisions of the Czech Republic.


The Sales Return Policy specifies the conduct of the customer and of the company RÜCKL CRYSTAL, a.s. (in further text only as „Seller“) in the event that, despite all efforts of the Seller to maintain the highest quality of the merchandise and services, a justified reason for the sales return by the customer occurs.

I. Basic Conditions for Sales Return

  • If the purchased merchandise has any defects, it is in the interest of the Seller to provide the customer with such services that will result in the resolution of these defects in the shortest possible time period or the issue will be resolved otherwise in accordance with this sales return policy.
  • Change in merchandise or in characteristics of merchandise that occurred within the warranty period and were caused as a consequence of improper use or care, cannot be considered a defect.
  • Customer claims sales returns directly at the Seller’s headquarters.
  • Seller decides instantly whether the sales return will be accepted.
  • Sales return, including the removal of defects, must be resolved within 30 days from the claim date, unless a different time period is agreed upon between Seller and customer
  • Warranty period for the merchandise sold at the internet shop of the Seller is twenty four months and starts on the date of acceptance of merchandise by the customer.

II. Time Limits for Sales Return Claims

  • Rights to claim merchandise defects that are covered by the warranty period cease to exist if they are not exercised within the warranty period.
  • Customer must claim sales return immediately when the defect is detected, without any undue delay.
  • In the event that the customer’s claim is resolved by the repair of merchandise, the warranty period is extended by the time period equal to the period from claim submission to the customer‘s acceptance of the repaired merchandise.
  • In the event that the customer’s claim is resolved by exchanging the defective merchandise with new merchandise, a new warranty period starts on the date of merchandise acceptance.

III. Methods of Sales Return Resolution

  1. If the defect can be removed, customer is entitled to request:
  • repair of defective product,
  • exchange of defective product, or if the defect concerns only part of product, request exchange of this part,
  • withdrawal from purchase contract.

2.   Removable defect is a defect that is repairable and will not affect the appearance and functionality of the product.

3.   If the defect cannot be removed, customer is entitled to request:

  • exchange of product or its part,
  • withdrawal from purchase contract.

IV. Claims Concerning Shipping

  1. Please direct all complaints related to merchandise shipping only to the address of company headquarters: RÜCKL CRYSTAL a.s., Lánská141, Nižbor 267 05, Czech Republic. For further communication an e-mail:, or telephone number +420 311 696 211 should be used.

2.   On rare occasions, these types of shipping related claims can occur:

  • claims related to quality of product or packaging,
  • damage to the product or packaging during shipping,
  • loss of shipment,
  • other claims.

2A)    Customer’s procedure with quality related claims:

  1. ship the product or its part to the Seller without any undue delay,
  2. together with the product, send an accompanying letter containing the following data or attachments:
  • state that it is a quality related claim
  • state price information for customs purposes as „free, without commercial value“,
  • description of claimed defect,
  • identification number of shipment,
  • photocopy of Seller’s invoice,
  • return address of customer,
  • original signature of customer.

2B)    Customer’s procedure when merchandise is damaged during shipping:

  1. send to Seller, without any undue delay, a letter containing the following data or attachments:
  • identification number of shipment (DELIVERY ORDER No.)
  • photographs of damaged merchandise, minimum format 9x13 cm (if photographs are not available, it is necessary to send damaged merchandise back), state price information for customs purposes as „free, without commercial value“
  • description and quantities of damaged merchandise,
  • photocopy of Seller’s invoice,
  • return address of customer,
  • original signature of customer.

2.   keep damaged merchandise for possible inspection by insurance claim investigator, if the value of merchandise is over 30 000 Kč (Czech crowns) or 1200 EUR.

2C)    Customer’s procedure in the event of lost shipment:

In the event that the shipment was not delivered properly and on time (by agreed upon date) to customer’s shipping address, it is necessary to immediately send a letter to Seller’s address containing the following data and attachments:

  • identification number of shipment,
  • return address of customer,
  • original signature of customer.

3. Immediately after receiving merchandise and/or relevant documents that are the subject of a claim, Seller will inform the customer about the method in which the claim will be resolved and about the time period     required for the resolution.

4. Failure to deliver the shipment due to incorrectly stated shipping address by the customer cannot be claimed and customer will be responsible for all expenses associated with re-shipment.

V. Prevention and Services

The basic condition for preserving the functionality of merchandise sold in the Seller‘s internet shop is proper prevention that begins with its selection, continues with its use, and ends with proper product care.

Prevention of claims

  1. Care for crystal products by hand, without the use of a dishwasher.
  2. Protect the product from coming into contact with hard and sharp objects.
  3. Prevent scratches with careful handling.
  4. Remove signs of natural oxidation of gold and platinum with polishing products.
  5. The top edge of drinking glassware is most fragile, therefore we recommend preventing mutual contact of products while using or storing them.
  6. Protect crystal products from quick temperature changes.

VI. Final Provisions

Sales Return Policy is effective as of January 1st, 2014.